This coffee scrub soap recipe is so easy to make! and the soap itself is so invigorating, and makes my skin feel so soft!

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Etched dish soap container...made from an olive oil much cuter than the ugly plastic bottle the soap comes in...AND I don't think it would gunk up as much...DOING THIS

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Natural Palm-Free Simple Soap: 12 oz (340g) of cold, clean water 120g of sodium hydroxide (caustic soda) beads or pearls 1lb (454g) olive oil (preferably pomace grade but virgin or extra virgin will do) 10oz (284g) coconut oil (hard variety) 6oz (170g) shea butter 1/4 tsp Grapefruit seed extract OR vitamin E (optional preservative).

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This sea salt soap recipe is a wonderful variation of homemade soap. The addition of salt provides exfoliating properties and minerals to the soap.

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