This would be fun to give to a classroom of kids and have them draw in the facial expressions and make up their own dialog for the speech bubbles.

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small group reward game... kid earns cups throughout the lesson, then gets to spend the last 3 minutes knocking them down angry-bird style! If angry birds are still popular when i become and SLP this would be awesome.

6 Ways To Promote Language Development In Toddlers | Parenting from the Heart When my son's language development was delayed, not only was I sensitive, I wanted to do whatever was best for him and protect him from judgement. Here are some tips that have helped him (my brother when he had a delay) and have helped my kids learn their paternal language. Language development, speech, speech delay, learning through play, vocabulary, literacy, developmental psychology

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▶ The Speech that Made Obama President - YouTube. Great examples of rhythmic repetition

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50 Repetitive Books for Children. We have found that these are especially helpful for those with Childhood Apraxia of Speech.

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This is a part of speech sort that can easily be used as a center activity. Perfect for review! The parts of speech included are nouns, verbs, and ...

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