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"That's why it's important to get quality candles. The flames can be indicative of the spell's success, so buying or making good candles means the spell will work better," she said, inspecting a black candle closely, closing one eye and looking down its length.

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Creating a Harry Potter spellbook is a fantastic idea! One could be made using yellowing parchment and old-seeming binding, and placed on a stand during a party. Or, it could be a prize for a difficult Harry Potter-related game. Perhaps they can be organized based on function, (ex. attack, defense, etc.). This could be one website to help speed the process: -SvH

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A bell hung on the door wards off evil spirits, and protects the home from evil spells.

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Ancient witchcraft spells traditional healing and cleansing spells Dr Raheem +27786966898 What is Scrying? It is the divination of future or past events or talking with spirits from another place of existence by gazing into an object such as the Black Mirror. Now the Black Mirror is not the only thing that can be used for scrying. It can be a puddle of water or a crystal ball or a piece of shiny metal.... even a regular mirror will work. One old favorite is to use a bowl of water and part…

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Lost love spells guru for marriage, psychic reading and witchcraft call/whatssapp +27786966898 Love Spells are in different forms and work differently depending on one's interest and problem, among them include the following: Magic Love Spells, Easy Love

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How to make an enchantment water spell. 1. Fill a bowl with a little salted water 2. Light a white candle and place it where the flame is reflected into the water. 3. Write on a piece of paper your desire, with a water coloured marker or a pencil while visualizing the thing you want. 4. Wait for the writing on the paper to evaporate. 5. The spell is now cast now pour the water and paper into the earth.

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Spell and the Gypsy Collective Lovebird Half Moon Gown in Chamomile

The Lovebird Gown is a light, cool, flowing maxi dress in stunning pastel shades for an exotic, beach-side feel. A wide V neck and open back makes it the perfect dress to take you from day into the ev

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