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Santa's Elves, Circle STAX Die-namics, Proof Positive Cover-Up Die-namics, Santa's Elves Die-namics - Miriam Prantner #mftstamps

Clay relief plaque. Berlin Antikensammlung.In mythology the son of Ares and Althaea. He leads the team of heroes against the Calydonian Boar, and kills it. He awards the spoils to Atalanta, to the annoyance of his uncles. They persuade Althaea to destroy the firebrand on which his life depended. He appears in art mainly in the Boar hunt, and with Atalanta, or dying.

wildhobbitjam: Oddly enough, just hours before Gandalf died, Persephone decided she was brave enough to share Molly’s bed (one of Gandalf’s very favorite napping spots). And look at her now. Animals just know.


Anti-Vaccine Crusaders Are, As Always, Wrong

Parents who oppose vaccines are not only misinformed, they're spoiled, having grown up in a world that stands behind the berms built by the scientists and vaccine developers who came before them.

THEORIES FOR FUN: Fairy Tail Theory - How Will Natsu Die

from Teen Vogue

10 Books You Should Read Based on Your Favorite YA Film

Dorothy Must Die by Danielle Paige - An interesting twist on the original Wizard of Oz story. Honestly, it's an eccentric novel!