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The opal is said to be many things including the most powerful of healing stones, the stone of hope, the stone of great achievement and even the "stone of the Gods". It is said to be the stone of love, but only to faithful lovers. The opal will bring misfortune to an unfaithful lover.


The Stone Cottage tiny house from SimBLISSity. The 204 sq ft home has a kitchen, bathroom, living room with a fireplace, and a loft bedroom.

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Romancing the Stone (1984)

Directed by Robert Zemeckis. With Michael Douglas, Kathleen Turner, Danny DeVito, Zack Norman. A romance writer sets off to Colombia to ransom her kidnapped sister, and soon finds herself in the middle of a dangerous adventure.


"Pink opal" is a stone of peace & tranquility for the aura. It's especially noted for its energies in healing emotions. Sleeping with pink opal or holding it while in meditation helps to bring compassion and a gentle resolution of painful memories. Pink opal is a heart chakra stone. It is said to be many things including the most powerful of healing stones, the stone of hope, the stone of great achievement, and even the "Stone of the Gods".


Wiccan Moonsong: Nebula Stone The stone is a very unusual mystic stone. As soon as he put in my hand I could feel it's energy. It's actually tough to describe. Stirring but calming is the best I can come up with. It is said that it helps you to remember past lives, and the light energy within all your cells. It is sometimes called the "cosmic window". Nebula is a very grounding stone as well.


Apache Tears: Properties: The stones are said to bring good luck to those possessing them. Black obsidian is a powerful Meditation stone. The purpose of this gemstone is to bring to light that which is hidden from the conscious mind. It dissolves suppressed negative patterns and purifies them. It can create a somewhat radical behavior change as new positive attitudes replace old, negative, egocentric patterns.


Melody's Stone is a very spiritual stone. It is one of the few stones that retain their energy and clarity and never needs cleansing or energizing. It retains the properties of all the stones in the combination of amethyst, smoky quartz, clear quartz, rutile, goethite, lepidocrocite and cacoxenite, even if the piece does not visibly show all 7 minerals. It's excellent for enhancing all types of psychic abilities and psychic skills including telepathy, clairvoyance, clairaudience, channeling.

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