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The Store Promotion

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IGA Elephant - 1998

IGA Elephant - 1998.The IGA Circus Daze Train jars are one of my favorites in my advertising collection. They are bright colorful and fit the store's promotion perfectly.


That's why Jupiler came up with the following In Store Promotion: get a free Branded Steak Plate when purchasing either two six packs or one crate of beer.


DealChaat Android App - , Shopping for something or out for a meal with friends? What if there was a super quick way to discover what merchants around you are offering?DealChaat is a location-aware platform that connects Shoppers directly with the Merchants around them. While Shoppers can discover new stores, Merchants can promote themselves directly from the DealChaat app, without the involvement of middlemen.Features- Select from one of the 8 smart categories. Search and…


Mid afternoon in Superdrug with these FSDU's at the front of the store. It reinforces the urgency of the deal but shame to miss the promotional opportunity all the same

Welcome to the VERMEER Retail Promotional Store!

Welcome to the VERMEER Retail Promotional Store! Michelin, Continental, BF Goodrich, Goodyear, Dunlop etc., are some of the popular brands available at Tire Rack. Tire Rack is a popular store for all your automotive needs. Get best prices by redeeming the Tire Rack coupon codes while buying your auto parts online. See all Tire Rack promotions for 2017 at

Stores took advantage of the current political spirit of the times. With the election and voting day being a dominating event retailers like Old Navy and Joanne's sent out special voting day sales campaigns. These are just a few retailers who used the event as a sales promotion theme. Keena H 11/9 1of4