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The Tardis

33 minutes ago

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How to build a Tardis (I need one of these- how awesome would it be to get married in front of the Tardis??)

HOLY COW!! This is AWESOME!! I need someone to build this for me, puhlease! This DIY TARDIS Bookshelf Is a 'Doctor Who' Lover's Dream

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OH MY GOSH. click this picture and then follow the instructions to get a tour of the TARDIS. MY LIFE IS COMPLETE (almost :)

  • Computerzone of PA

    Oh , cool. , :)

  • Krysta Muir

    That is the tardis in front of the Eatls court station in London! I stayed at a hotel around the corner from it and saw it everyday for a week. I geeked out everyday needless to say lol.


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Which Doctor Are You? I'm 12. NOBODY KNOWS WHAT YOU ARE LIKE - including, it would appear, you. But we expect great things. Even if so far you are totally unable to drive a TARDIS.

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This Doctor Who TARDIS Ladies Wallet isn't just for companions traveling with the Doctor. You can get one for yourself, even if you are Earthbound. On the outside, it looks just like the TARDIS. It's even bigger on the ins

Bad Wolf Tardis - The 30 Very Best Pieces Of Fan Art Of 2013

The sport of hunting the legendary easter egg: | 33 Things You'll Only Understand If You're In Fandom

Hilarious sketch. "I'm not Doctor Who. I'm your English teacher!" "I don't think you are though. I think you're a 945 year old timelord. Did you just pitch up from Mars?...You know your house, right? Your house? Is it bigger on the inside?...Did you park the TARDIS on a meter you fancy Billie Piper, sir?"

I went and wacthed it. It was only THE BEST THING I HAVE EVER HEARD IN MY ENTIRE LIFE!

In conclusion, this show is way too British for me. I still have no idea what this show is about, what a Tardis is, and why there is a police box involved. Actually, I have no clue what a police box actually is, so... TIME GUYS 4EVA!- the Doctors ranked by someone who has never watched Doctor Who.

  • Caleb Reichbaum

    11=Geronimo, Fez, Bow ties, Cowboy hats, Top hats, ponchos, Madman in a box and the in laws. 10= Fantastic and Allaons-y My point 11 and 4 are best.

  • Anndi

    10 is the best doctor

  • Cinderpelt

    9 is the best!!!

  • Casey Oates

    You have to watch From the beginning to under stand!

  • Abigail Rathbone

    10 was definitely best so you can all shutup & love David Tennant :)

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This Whovian who made a bubble universe that’s bigger on the inside. | 19 Whovians Whose Christmas Game Is Too Strong

24 Adorably Geeky Wedding Invitations...ugh I know it's bad but I would love to get married to plan awesome things like these! XD

Triple Threat Librarian: Tutorial: Bigger-on-the-inside TARDIS card - this could be a fun group craft idea!

The Control Room Through the Years | A Beginner’s Guide To TARDISRooms

Tardis case - reblogged from createcult: TARDIS Phone Case For all the lovely Doctor Who fans… Diy can be found here :)

I've started watching Doctor Who (the newer series beginning in 2005 w/the 9th Doctor) and it's so good! I feel like I'm going to be sucked into this fandom and not be able to get out, oh well, I don't mind.

Doctor Who:  Tardis Purse So when I saw this I practically ran to the fabric store to make my own.  I’m in the middle of making one right now.  I’m hoping I can get it done by Wondercon (OMG next Sunday!!! ^_^).  I’m also going to use that wonderful Doctor Who fabric I posted earlier for the inside!

"I totally ship Clara and the Doctor!" [angry TARDIS sounds] <--- pinning for that comment

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#DoctorWho #DIY door project... for the laundry room which now serves as the #Tardis - wonder what hubs would think if he came home to THAT!

  • Ilsa Bergum

    My bedroom door is painted a tardis on the outside and a British flag on the other . It's the coolest thing ever and Home Depot has the colors

  • Nadeen Osman

    Totally wish my bedroom door was like that, but no way I could ever paint like that!!!!

  • Kari Richardson

    Anyone know what paint color that is?

  • Jen

    Why isnt my bedroom door like that?!?!

  • Lisa Peeling

    Maria Grove

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There will always be another woman in his life. | 28 Reasons The Doctor Would Make A Terrible Boyfriend


I think they should have an episode where the doctor and his companion are stuck on a planet full of doctor fans. Like, fan girls keep the doctor stuck inside the tardis all the time. Lol.

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5 Things Whovians MUST DO in Cardiff, Wales (not a doctor who fan yet, but I have many friends who are).