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Rodin - The Thinker - I've loved Rodin for such a long time... I even made a rustic snow sculpture on my front lawn of The Thinker when I was in my teens.

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“How often do you think?” Thinking is what gives us movies, magic, and songs. It’s what gives us paintings, blogs, and books. Thinking results in businesses, theories, and games. It gives us inventions, conversations, and names. At the end of the day, thinking is what helped us rise, it’s what moves us forward, and what shapes our lives.--- Neil Pasricha

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One of the great masterpieces of late Stone Age art, this terracotta sculpture, known as The Thinker (“Ganditorul”), was unearthed in 1956 during archeological excavations of Neolithic settlement and burial debris in the lower Danube region, near Cernavoda in Romania. (c.5,000 BCE)

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"The Thinker / Le Penseur" - Detroit Institute of Arts, Detroit, Michigan. Sculptor: François-Auguste-René Rodin,

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Rodin - The Thinker - Conceived 1880 (enlarged 1902-4); cast 1925 by Alexis Rudier Foundry. The figure was intended to represent Italian poet Dante Alighieri pondering The Divine Comedy, his epic story of Paradise and Inferno. However, in 1889 Rodin exhibited the sculpture independently of The Gates, giving it the title "The Thinker", and in 1902 he embarked on this larger version

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Quel modernité ! / "The Thinker of Tarpesti" / " Le penseur de Tarpesti " / Pre-Cucuteni. / 4750-4500 B.C. / 4750-4500 av J.C / Romania

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Citation: Auguste Rodin in his studio with sculpture The Thinker, 1904 / unidentified photographer. Charles Scribner's Sons Art Reference Dept. records, Archives of American Art, Smithsonian Institution.

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