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The third reich

Adolf Hitler preparing to go on stage and speak to the many legions of fellow NSDAP Partei Kameraden during a National Socialist Party Rally in Berlin.

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hundreds of Bund Deutscher Mädel ("Band of German Maidens") members gathered at a large rally. The Bund Deutscher Mädel is essentially the female version of the Hitler Youth. Members partake in activities which the NSDAP deemed crucial for the shaping of the ideal German woman.

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The German football team give the Nazi salute at White Hart Lane, Tottenham, London - 1935

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One of the best candid shots

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Dressed in Ancient Germanic regalia, participants in the grand cultural display parade fourth through the arches of a monument as thousands of German citizens gaze at the spectacle. Hitler sought to integrate pagan beliefs into German society, believing it would invoke a strong warrior culture among the masses. Proposed was a "Day of German Art". A way to reconnect the German people to their ancient pagan roots was a grand show of glorious displays of pagan symbology and tradition.

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On the Obersalzberg in January, 1935. Hitler is shown with Erna Hoffmann and others, including Fritz Wiedemann. Note Hitler wearing his wool vest, only worn at the Berghof.

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