The thistle and the rose - Detail from the Treaty of Perpetual Peace (1502) between England and Scotland which was cemented by the marriage of James IV of Scotland to Princess Margaret, Henry VII’s daughter. The borders of this document illustrate the thistle (James’ emblem), the Tudor rose and the marguerete representing Margaret.

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The motto of Scotland is “Nemo me impune lacessit”, or: "No one provokes me with impunity". It is used by the Order of the Thistle and on later versions of the Royal coat of arms

Being a tough plant, the thistle grows everywhere other plants usually don’t. It stands for surviving where others won’t and often this is surviving harsh conditions. The thistle is a symbol for protection. The color purple which is often the color of the thistle’s flower was for a long time associated with royalty and nobility in Europe.

An early 20th century emerald and diamond brooch The thistle set with calibré-cut emeralds and single and rose-cut diamonds, length 3.5cm.

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Star of the Order of the Thistle. Diamonds, Emeralds and Rubes , Commissioned by Queen Victoria, c1838

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Door handle in the Thistle Chapel, Old Town, Edinburgh, Scotland #ComeToScotland #RoadTrip #RoadTripDiaries

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The Royal Arms of Scotland, Sovereign's stall in the Thistle Chapel of St Giles' Cathedral, Edinburgh. The motto, in Scots, appears above the crest, in the tradition of Scottish heraldry, and is an abbreviated form of the full motto: God Me Defend.

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Milk thistle plant... did you know every single part of the plant can be eaten? It has many health benefits, a good source of manganese, iron, phosphorous, zinc, and selenium. It destroys free radicals and is used to fight cancer, helps prevent and heal gallstones, and much else. To eat raw cut off the very edge of the thistle leaf. Boil to soften thorns and eat them like spinach thorns and all. Or whiz in a blender to tear up thorns. Frying the leaves makes the leaves crispy like potato…

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