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The Tornado

from Stir The Wonder

Otis and the Tornado Science Activity

Read Otis and the Tornado, then do this Tornado in a Bottle Science Activity to give a hands-on demonstration for how tornados swirl in the sky! It's the perfect activity to pair with this book about wild weather and helping those in need, even if they haven't always been nice!


"This is what true Texans do. When the tornado siren goes off, we walk outside, study the sky a while, talk to the neighbors, and then if the clouds are really low or really green or really twisting like beaters in cake batter, we head for the storm closet. Otherwise, it's just the weatherman making a mountain out of a molehill...."


Mercury One team member bringing in supplies to the Baptist Church of Moore for the tornado victims.

During 2005 in Kansas, storm chaser Eric Nguyen photographed this budding twister. By coincidence, the tornado appears to end right over a rainbow. Streaks in the image are hail being swept about by the high swirling winds.

from Mail Online

Stunned drinkers outside village pub witness a wild tornado

A photo taken by chef Phil Hannam of the tornado in Suffolk last night while he was on a break from his work at a restaurant


Water is one of the most necessary supplies in a disaster area. With the help of many donors and organizations such as Mercury One, the local community outreach locations were able to provide water to the victims of the tornadoes.