Contamination imagery signifies guiltiness in Macbeth. As Lady Macbeth deteriorates, she begins to dream of her bloody hands. She states, “all of the perfumes of Arabia will not sweeten” her “little hand” (V, I, 42-3). The term “caught red-handed” is used when someone is found in the act of a deplorable action. This term references the idea of a murderer found with blood on their hands; a symbol of incontrovertible guiltiness. Shakespeare utilizes this symbol through his imagery of…

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Taylor: This shows a more modern take on Macbeth and how Lady Macbeth had a large role in killing Duncan. She is just as responsible for his death as Macbeth is.

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We see a crown in a shape of three witches, which implies that Macbeth's mind was controlled by the witches by telling him his future, which may of seemed great in the beggining but soon became violent and bloody.

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just one quote for today William Shakespeare (whoever was hiding behind this name) #shakespeare #quote #quotes

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