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The Obama Family helping feed the Homeless on Thanksgiving Day. Good, Decent People who will be Sorely Missed. THIS is what True Americans Do!!

You may agree with the politics..but they are one classy couple...p

Misquoting a famous song: talking about idiocy... in fact the accompanying frase of this melodramatic crap is: "Well Done Sir....we will miss you a Dearly" HahhahahHhahhabaa ROFLAMO Apparently sheeples are completely lost

The donation part is untrue. She did not support Trump. Still, the head of public education should not be someone who only uses private schools and has no experience of public schools. She has always been an activist for private control of schools. The DeVos family feels as entitled as other billionaires. This is exactly why people voted in an "outsider" so people like this wouldn't be in charge of working people.

If Melania stays in Trump Tower, so will the Secret Service. Our taxes will pay their rent, which will go right into the Trump family's pockets. Good job, America. 61 million of you just bought a timeshare.

You could have knocked me over with a feather when I woke up on Wednesday, 11/9/16 and found out that Donald Trump won this fierce battle for the Presidency and that Hillary Clinton conceded.

from The Huffington Post

Oil Stocks Soar After Trump Victory, But Coal Is The Real Winner

When you don't vote the world feels the impact. We will now be the only major country to ignore the science of our own destruction.