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Honestly, I was heartbroken and I cried when Tae talked about the death of his grandmother... I am really proud of him and also I hope that he is able to express his thoughts and feelings when he is with friends and members :(❤️ I don't want him to bottle up his feelings because he seems like this kind of person... #LoveYouTaehyung #BTS


Spread the love not hate ... we are a family we should want them to be happy so please just love and not hate !


what alcohol suits BAP mambers the best? >> what is that date? 180827? A fansign from the future?

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12 Wild EXO Hairstyles That You’ll Never Forget PART 2

When Tao went on that Chinese show and said everything I can't support him anymore. He said that he never wants to remember the past or something like that. That statement was a huge slap in the face to EXO and EXO-L. He also said that he was all alone. No he wasn't. You had your fans and the other members that supported you, but you just used us to get famous. Even though I said "Everybody should support Tao", I want everyone to know about this. I just feel bad for Lay, the last Chinese…


I can't stop laughing.i seriously had a poem that said I want, I need, i imagine and almost every line had to do with 1D or concert tickets.i think my teacher thinks I have a problem.every poem she gives us, I at least have 3 lines having to do with 1D.