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This week on the NXpress podcast, we bring you a full review of one of our favourite games on the Wii U.Wonderful is certainly an apt word to use when describing Hideki Kamiya’s The Wonderful 101. Developed by Platinum Games, The Wonderful 101 draws upon other Hideki Kamiya titles like Viewtiful ...


Wonderful 101 (Nintendo Wii U)

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Nintendo Finally Decides To Promote ‘The Wonderful 101’ With A New Dedicated Nintendo Direct

Platinum Games The Wonderful 101 arrives on the Wii U in a little over a month, and yet, who out there really knows what the game is all about? Ill admit I wasnt really sure until today. I just kind of thought it was a Pikmin rip-off with superheroes or something? But no, theres a lot more to The Wonderful 101 than that, as described in a new Nintendo Direct devoted entirely to the game.