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FREE!-- This chart contains key themes from the play Macbeth followed by space for students to list three quotations that support each theme. This is a fantastic activity for literature circle discussions as well as a pre-writing activity in preparation for a Macbeth theme essay.


The theme of kingship is represented in this image. The 8 kings represent the power created when their swords are together. Kingship is one of the major themes in Macbeth, as shown in this image.


I chose this picture as i felt that it showed one of the more subtle themes in Macbeth: the issue of gender. Lady Macbeth and other characters speak multiple times about characteristics associated with each gender, and how they allow as well as prevent them from performing certain acts. This picture relates to the quote chosen as the person is "unsexed": a genderless being with none of the weaknesses of either gender.


“Confusion now hath made his masterpiece.” This quote brings about one of the strong themes in Macbeth, chaos. The murdering and death spirals out of control quickly, a bloody jumble of chaos and confusion.


⚡Presentation "Macbeth. Learning goals: 1.Try strategies for reading Shakespearean language 2.Get familiar with the characters and themes in Macbeth."

This tattoo portrays two of the many themes in Macbeth, Fear and Love. You can fear to love, or love and be afraid. Its all about how you precieve it.