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THERMAL MASS - in this case water heated either by a chemical fuel, electricity or the Sun. The electric system, while less efficient than an ordinary heater, means we can cut down on the size of our battery bank. A closed loop system, reuses the same water. Water is moved between 2 containers (1 inside house acting as a giant hot water bottle, and a second one outside house used for heating the water). Containers are raised/lowered to move water between them. Better short containers than…

from ScienceDaily

New technology puts solar power to work all night long


Fiberglass water storage tube tanks for passive solar heating & cooling system Trombe walls. Prevent temperature swings in greenhouse or sunroom by storing excess solar energy.


Owen Gildersleeve - Ice Bear. An illustration for Ecomagination to accompany an article about the Ice Bear - a thermal energy storage system which freezes water at night when the grid is more efficient, and then uses that ice to cool the building during the day.