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Sheathed platinum thermal resistance is a type of temperature sensor.lts diameter is less than of assembly platinum resistance.Easy to bend and good anti-vibration,it is suitable to the places where the assembly platinum resistance cannot be fitted.

Package Thermal Analysis (PTA) aids in the analysis of the thermal properties of integrated circuit packages. These include thermal resistance, power dissipation, and die, package, and ambient temperatures.

Blocking the full frequency spectrum of harmful Electromagnetic Radiation from 0-10 Ghz which includes both Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) and Radio Frequency (RF) emissions, DefenderPad® offers the most complete laptop radiation protection available. Radiation and thermal-resistive technology combined with stylish design make DefenderPad® an ideal replacement for lap desks, lap trays and laptop cooling pads. - very interesting - to consider Mean thermal resistance (R value) of 1.53 m2.K/W+18% And if noise is an issue combine an Eco insulated door with our Eco 800N Belt drive Motor for the quietest sectional door you will find.


Engineered to provide high levels of thermal resistance, our Energy Shield™ combines 3M Thinsulate to create a multi-layer insulation system for optimal R-Value with minimal thickness.

The control interface for back up #power export on a @pacificgasandelectric plug in hybrid #electricvehicle #utility work truck in an #environmental chamber for #thermal testing in the #Energy Systems #Laboratory in #Golden #Colorado. (Photo by Dennis Schroeder / NREL) Conventional thermal interface materials (TIMs) can impede #heat flow in packaged #electronics systems due to their high thermal resistance making it critical to develop and demonstrate TIMs with low thermal resistance and…