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This has been so true in my life. So many lessons this year. The biggest being that bad things can happen to good people, and good people can make bad choices when they dont like who they are. Over coming these things has made my life so much more then i could have ever hoped for. I wouldnt wish it on my worst enemy but the things i went through has made some people in my life truly amazing. It has blessed me.


Hands down, the biggest influence on my direction in life. Attitude, fashion, mindset. All of it. [These Things Happen When It's Dark Out]


This lifestyle man it cost a bIt, the anxiety, i'm exhausted with, one day they'll say he just lost his shit. G-EAZY


Even the person sitting across from she and Trump said that her accusations were totally false and NOTHING happened! She even plagiarized her description of his "inappropriate behavior" from a story in a British tabloid from 2014. Her comments "he was like and octopus - hands everywhere" were the same words verbatim as a woman who accused a British soap opera star of similar behavior and the comments were printed in the U.K. Guardian.