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19 Things People With A Lot Of Hair Will Recognize

Brush your hair they said. It'll help they said. | 19 Things Big-Haired People Will Recognize


"It'll Be Fun", They Said. Hilarious pics that prove some things sound like more fun than they really are. Why do people keep taking 'their' advice?


I honestly don't give a flying shoe about what pronoun you prefer, but "they" is a plural! It just confuses the reader

Okay, since they had so obviously seen the show, I'll try it too: an albino Elvis-impersonating child summons a dapper illuminati spirit, only to discover the illuminati spirit's fancy top hat is secretly a gun.


"I went by the house I grew up in & asked if I could go in & look around.... they said "No" & slammed the door. My parents can be assholes."