Chub Rub Season...10 Ways to Ward Off "CHUB RUB" Like these Bandalettes. They're kinda cute for something so functional.

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The ONE Time I Decided to Settle... a Cautionary Tale | Plus Size Dating | Relationships | Plus Size Princess

"There are as many varieties of chub rub as there are bodies in this world, and what works for one person won't for another. I tend to prefer physical barriers like undershorts, but some folks swear by deodorant or special anti-chafing creams."

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Prevent and treat uncomfortable inner thigh chafing with these inventive products, from creams and powders to protective clothing.

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IT'S CHUB RUB SEASON: 10 Solutions To Ward Off Inner Thigh Chafing, And I TRIED THEM ALL. Nobody knows the trouble my inner thighs have seen.

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