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tiredofstartingovergirl: shredspiration: but this seriously is my dream body. but with muscles like a mother fucker. I will get there!!


Lean, pretty legs. Not everyone's bodies are capable of being this thin or looking just like this girl's body. I see this photo as motivation for me to continue losing my weight so that I look as good in a pair of short shorts as this girl does! Motivation to keep working hard exercising and eating healthy.


Every year, every day, people succumb to the effects of their eating disorders and die from them- of heart failure, a heart attack, kidney failure, brain damage, or a number of other terrible effects-It is not pretty-Most people with eating disorders do not starve themselves to death, but rather their body slowly falls apart in very ugly and painful ways-Some people become unable to care for themselves-and have to be put in homes to care for them-how does this illness sound appealing to…