This is an amazing documentary filmed at the Florida Residential Renfrew Center. Everyone who has anyone in their life with an eating disorder should watch this

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Mimi Weddell -- "Hats Off" is a documentary film profiling the beauty and eccentricities of the 93-year-old actress. More pins like this at

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Interesting if somewhat vapid documentary. these women are not really being helped in this therapy model. they are being forced into corners. this isn't the best documentary on Anorexia and bulimia i have ever seen. it might be the worst though... but it does pass the time..

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David Bowie Scenes from the documentary Cracked Actor circa 1974 Produced by Alan Yentob

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Celtic: Berlin Gold Hat. 1,000 - 800 BCE. A documentary about this piece speculated that this is where the modern idea of a wizard's hat comes from. Believed to have been worn by #Celtic Druids during ceremonies, and/or as the insignia of deities or priests in the context of a Sun cult that appears to have been widespread in Central Europe at the time.

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