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135 Eye Make Up Tutorials From Around The World


Amazing Brow Tutorial - this is kinda cool! Not sure my brows are thin enough to warrant doing this, but I may try it one day for the heck of it... :)


#browproblems people READ THIS!!! Brows make a HUGE difference in how you look, she used Megan Fox (gorgeous) as an example and with crazy weird uneven or over-plucked brows she does not look even close to as pretty as she can! Believe me it makes a giant difference in how beautiful you can look!


Perfect for me for swimming, gym, or outside activities ;) Step1. Comb brows and mix products. Step2. Outline bottom of brows. Step3. Outline top of brows. Step4. Fill in brows and brush out product with spooly. Step5. Clean up bottom of brows with concealer. Step6. Blend down the concealer & Brush out extra product from the front of the brows for a gradient affect and your done! :)