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Things to think about today Thursday February 20.

“How often do you think?” Thinking is what gives us movies, magic, and songs. It’s what gives us paintings, blogs, and books. Thinking results in businesses, theories, and games. It gives us inventions, conversations, and names. At the end of the day, thinking is what helped us rise, it’s what moves us forward, and what shapes our lives.--- Neil Pasricha


"The Thinker / Le Penseur" - Detroit Institute of Arts, Detroit, Michigan. Sculptor: François-Auguste-René Rodin,

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Abstract vintage carved wood figurine of a thinking man, yoga statue. Gift idea

Abstract vintage carved wood figurine of a thinking man, yoga statue. Gift idea. by ReOSL on Etsy

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Meticulous Pencil Drawing of David's Face

Linda Huber Her work is remarked with the soft lines and the excellence analyzing for the light and shadows and how the object got affected with it. Personally, I like her horses and portrait pencil drawings. The Face Of David by *imaginee on deviantART


Living Willow Statue

Living Willow Statue...think this from our old castle estate on the Isle of Lewis, Scotland...


If they ever start a new series of Gravity Falls, this is how I want them to start it: A kid goes to shake the hand of the statue, but he's stopped by an old man. He's warned not to, but once the man leaves, he does. Then, the series slowly builds until finally, the old man (Grunkle Ford, Grunkle Stan may have passed by now, since I think that the whole portal travel thing aged him differently,) has to call in an older Michael and Mabel Pines, who give the new character remade Journals…


The man who builds Zlatan, the statue: sculptor Peter Linde. He has worked in secret, for over a year... When Zlatan and the Football Assoc. come to visit, they were dressed dark and late at night. He has previously made sculptures of boxing champ Ingemar “Ingo” Johansson and of Ingmar Bergman. 'We looked at sketches together and decided on this victory gesture. On Z: 'He was fun to talk to, terribly nice, and he has a way of being that I think is very liberating'.


This Is So Surreal

I loved that statue when was a kid. I planted a bunch of small trees and bushes, to hide it from anybody. I was foolish, thinking that I was the statues owner. Not by a mile.


2 Ein Großteil der Statuen war zusammengekümmert, zeigten ein Bild von Verzweiflung und Trauer. Sie waren steinerne Gestalten, das Abbild von verlorenen Seelen und zurückgelassenen Kriegern.