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Third Eye Chakra Healing for Beginners

The 6th Chakra (the Third Eye Chakra), is related to our ability to focus on and see the big picture. Here's what you need to know about Third Eye Chakra healing: Location of our Third Eye


The 6th chakra, the pineal gland or third eye, your connection to the spiritual world. While meditating focus on your third eye, close your physical eyes and imagine your third eye open. Concentrate...


So how to you open and active your third eye? This powerful third eye opening meditation known as the Thoh chant, will help your open and awaken your third eye chakra fast and easy, and you will most likely get instant results as your third eye will immod

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Visionary Third Eye Chakra Goddess / 'Ajna' / Indigo blue Goddess / Wall Art ~ Art Print from original artwork by Roberta Orpwood


Third eye meditation will help you activate your third eye chakra with regular meditation and practice to awaken your third eye and strengthen your psychic muscle. The third eye is like a muscle, and after opening your third eye with either the Thoh chant