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An original Thomas Crapper toilet with wall-hung 3-gallon "high" tank. Despite the name, and common belief, Crapper probably did not invent the siphoning toilet, but was one of its first industrial manufacturers. Thomas Crapper & Co. Ltd. has been producing bathroom fixtures continuously since 1861.


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Design*Sponge Sneak Peek My favorite room in the house – a tiny bathroom, with a Thomas Crapper-style toilet and Cole & Son Palm Jungle wallpaper. I'm a big fan of la Savonnerie soaps from Amsterdam. They come in the most stunning colours.


September 28, 1836: Born, Thomas Crapper. Despite what you may have heard, Thomas Crapper did NOT invent the flush toilet. He did, however, do a lot to make it a common household item, and even created the world's first commercial showroom for sinks, toilets, and baths. He also held 9 patents, including 3 for improvements to the "water closet."


If you want the timeless traditional look for your bathroom then you need a high level toilet in your life!