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George Venables Vernon (1735–1813), second Baron Vernon of Kinderton, was famously fond of hunting. He was the eldest son of George Venables Veron (1709–1780) of Sudbury Hall, Derbyshire, created the first Baron Vernon of Kinderton in 1762.


actress and writer, Mary Robinson, by Thomas Gainsborough. She was mistress of the future King George IV while he was still Prince of Wales, and later the mistress of Banastre Tarleton (aka the Butcher, aka the Green Dragoon, a British colonel in the American Revolution).

Grace Dalrymple Elliott (1758–1823) Her life was so colorful it was worthy of a book. She was imprisoned during the Reign of Terror, embroiled in several scandals, one of Prince George's many mistresses but managed to die a wealthy woman in the french countryside, as a mistress of course to the mayor.