" Being called paranoid seems preferable to any number of things. Especially now, with the degrees of access, the ubiquity of cameras—it’s a position that seems increasingly less, well, paranoid. " -Thomas Pynchon

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# 413: Thomas Pynchon - "The Crying of Lot 49" - David Foster Wallace was greatly inspired by Pynchon's seminal work when writing his own 'Broom of the System'.

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Oh, how GREAT are God's riches + wisdom + knowledge! How impossible it is for us to understand His decisions and His ways! Romans 11:33

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Wallace read everything : Thomas Harris (Silence of the Lambs) to Thomas Pynchon (postmodernist). a teacher of literature, he loved libraries.

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A picture of Gary Snyder in conversation with Thomas Pynchon. (Pynchon has removed himself from the public eye since the 1960s)

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Thomas Pynchon's Entropy

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