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lol this is pretty funny but that's ok I like 'em lean and sexy, your runner's body works for me, Tom!

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Race God To Norse God: Chris Hemsworth Thor Two Workout

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I can see my future husband doing this to me!

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Daily Morning Awesomeness (35 Photos)

Firmly standing by previous statements that RDJ is my favorite and will forever be my favorite

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Well, not everything in the comics is directly from Norse Mythology. Of course, they had the change some things and make it their own when writing the Thor comics and taking only a few, more important things from mythology. Plus, Tom was approved for his role of Loki in the Infinity Wars movies (Both of them), and they come after Ragnarok. Also, Loki has "died" multiple times in the comics, and each time he has either been reborn or brought back in a different body (like Lady Loki for…

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