@Shannon Bellanca Crabtree Is this you bringing Thor's hammer?!?! LOL


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Mighty Thor Cake! Marvel Avengers http://toughcookiesbakehouse.wordpress.com/2014/02/03/so-i-made-a-cake-and-thor-went-and-smashed-it-%f0%9f%98/

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A rich dark chocolate cake, covered in a silky mocha swiss meringue buttercream, drizzled with a dreamy chocolate ganache.

Custom made Thor hammer cake created by Villa Chateau cakes

Avengers cake. Hulk fist and Thor hammer are rice cereal treats w fondant. Made by www.KarensCustomCakesNC.com

Thor Cake ~ Heather's Sweets Boutique ~ www.heatherssweetsboutique.com ~ www.facebook.com/HSBcakes

Thor Hammer Cupcakes | http://horriblehousewife.com/2015/04/thor-hammer-cupcakes/

The complete avengers cake/thor/hulk/ironman/captainamerica/nameofkid&age by PinkBoxSweets on Etsy https://www.etsy.com/listing/239709224/the-complete-avengers

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Thor's Hammer cake pops, step by step instructions. Thor Cake Pops

how to make thor cakes | ... Thor's hammer was going to be pretty small, I decided to make it out

The Avengers cake. That is pretty friggin' awesome.

found my wedding cake..just saying

Avengers Cake | Thor's Hammer, Captain America's Sheild and … | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

If he gets a Tumblr, he’ll need a Pinterest to help bookmark good ideas. | What Happens When Thor Discovers The Internet?

Mjölnir cake, Thor's Hammer from The Avengers

Hulk Thor Cake

Captain America and Thor themed birthday cake! Captain America's shield with a sculpture of Thor's hammer Mjolnir on top!

Captain America and Thor Cupcakes - Drawing and Finished Creations

Superhero cake- by Fresh Frosted. www.freshandfrosted.com Avengers on the front... other favorite superheroes on the back. The first time I found my own cake on Pinterest! :)

27 items Superhero Cupcake & Cake Decoration Kit by CheekyCaker

No. 4 Superheroes birthday cake with a Hulk fist, Captain America shield, Thor hammer and Iron Man mask