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R Lymphatic Duct - drains R upper limb, R side of the head & thorax. The larger Thoracic Duct, runs superiorly, receives from the L side of the Thorax, L Upper Limb & L side of the Head. Arises anterior to the 1st 2 lumbar vertebrae as an enlarged sac, the Cisterna Chyli, collects lymph from 2 Lumbar Trunks that drain Lower Limbs & Intestinal Trunk that drains Digestive Organs. Ducts empty Nto venous circulation @ the jnction of the internal jugular & subclavian vein on its own s


Deep cervical muscles. (1) Longus capitis muscle, (2) superior cervical sympathetic ganglion, (3) rectus capitis muscle, (4) middle scalene, (5) longus colli, (6) posterior scalene muscle, (7) anterior scalene muscle, (8) middle cervical sympathetic ganglion, (9) inferior cervical and upper thoracic sympathetic ganglions, (10) thoracic duct, (11) phrenic nerve, (12) suprascapular nerve, (13) brachial plexus

"Recent advances in ultrasound imaging allow visualization of the cervical part of the thoracic duct. Ultrasound imaging also allows visualization of the local anatomy of the thoracic duct and its relation to adjacent tissue and vessels, making it possible to detect disturbances in the movement of the chyle from the duct to the vein and functional abnormalities of the valves."


Study Links Gene to Parkes-Weber syndrome, Lymphatic Abnormalities: