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White Lady Banks Rose: thornless! A vigorous climber with rich green foliage on nearly thorn-free slender branches. Miniature, double, white blooms have a slight fragrance and are quite profuse. Bursts into bloom in spring to early summer; does not repeat bloom. Evergreen in milder climates. A fine climber for arbors. Zones:6-9


Climbing Zephirine Thornless Rose Climbs to 8 ft, does well in shady alkaline soil. Idea - grow up an arbor around gate in backyard

from The Garden Glove

5 Roses – 5 Solutions!

High Traffic (Thornless or almost thornless Roses)_ When planting roses in a high traffic area, one of your top concerns is safety. Try the Zephirine Drouhin Climbing Rose. This rose is a climber, has long, thornless canes packed with repeat blooming bright pink flowers all summer. ...easy care and sweet smelling. ...old rose variety, but still one of the best. Great rose to grow over a porch or arbor. and it will grow in shade! Hardy zones 5-9.


Crepuscule is a classic Noisette rose with butterscotch buds opening to buff flowers all summer long. Nearly thornless, too!


People’s Princess | Ludwigs Roses : The pointed, green hued buds develop into large, firm petalled blooms. Deep silk pink of the colour of pigeons’ breasts flows from the tips of the petal edges towards the centre of the high pointed, exhibition shaped flowers. Thornless stems, healthy & prolific. Named after Diana, Princess of Wales, who was much loved by the people.


Madiba | Ludwigs Roses : A deservedly popular rose. The pointed buds are deep maroon-pink, revealing a touch of yellow at the base. As the beautifully shaped blooms develop, the colour changes slowly into a deep-lilac. The ‘Madiba’ rose is extremely vigorous, sprouting strong, thornless stems which are garnished by large, deep green foliage.