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Thoughts on independence day


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How To Properly Display And Care For The American Flag

Many Americans will be proudly flying the American flag this weekend in honor of Independence Day. We thought it might be a good time to refresh our memories on how to respectfully display the stars and stripes!

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12 Quotes To Remind You That Being Single Is A Wonderful Thing

A delicious sentiment from 12 Quotes To Remind You That Being Single Is A Wonderful Thing

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The day your life really begins is the day you realize you are a living creature and you can't believe you are actually a living entity with an identity. That's the day you become alive. Don't be afraid to trip out on life a little bit.

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No matter what your beliefs are, don't ever look down or judge someone else's, how you chose to live your life doesn't make you superior to another person. Always aim to see the best in every person and every scenario you face in life. Sure, time and time again you will be let down, but don't let that change your views and outlook on life. Continue putting that positive energy out there to attract the same back. You will never be able to move on with your own life if you don't forgive…

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Hyvää Itsenäisyyspäivää! Happy Independence Day, Finland 🇫🇮💙 Blogissa pohdintaa siitä, miten Suomi on hyvä maa - ja miten se on myös tuhansien murheellisten laulujen maa💙 #uusiblogipostaus #newblogpost #linkkiprofiilissa #linkinmybio #ajatuksia #thoughts # itsenäisyyspäivä # Independenceday #suomi #finland #igfinland #thisisfinland #ig_finland #vapaus #freedom #peace #rauha #kiitollisuus #gratitude #lifestyleblogger #nelkytplusblogit #åblogit

Most have gotten so comfortable in day to day living that they have forgotten what it took to get us where we are today. The government has gotten out of control, with the power they wield and we the people are on the verge of becoming slaves. Ron Leighman

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