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What you need to know about the California Three Strikes law.

Massachusetts is debating a "three strikes" law that would impose life sentences for repeat offenders.

Ron Reno: Ron Reno was convicted of gun possession in 1997. When police arrested him he insisted that he knew nothing about the gun and that police should look for a man named Marsh. Mr. Reno maintained that Marsh had hidden the gun in a boot box. Neither police nor Mr. Reno’s own attorney made any effort to find Marsh. Mr. Reno was convicted and sentenced to 25 years to life under California’s Three Strikes law...

Study: French three-strikes law did not deter or reduce piracy

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Dog eat dog by Edward Bunker. This is the tale of three unremorseful criminals with two felony convictions apiece and no more chances. Under California's 'Three Strikes' law, one more conviction - even for shoplifting - carries a mandatory life sentence with no prospect of remission. But a law intended to deter career criminals has the opposite effect on these three. Combined they have spent a lifetime behind bars and have no idea, or intention, of leading a straight life.

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