one-stop web destination for all thrift-store shopping needs. search for thrift stores in its national thrift store directory

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Thrift Enter a zip code to find thrift stores! Great to know when I'm in other cities!

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TheThriftShopper.Com National Thrift Store Directory Listing Charity Resale, Second Hand, and Consignment Shops..You just enter the zip code for where ever you are and suddenly you have the list of all local Thrift Stores..great link

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This is something I made for the decor in my house this summer, but it totally works in the classroom. I went to a thrift store nearby and found an old, framed picture (for $4.99!) stuck some adhesive letters on it, and BAM: something pleasant. ("Depaysement" is a French word for the feeling that comes from not being in one's home country. This neat article has a list of other cool words that you could use for an etymology lesson, or just for fun!)

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During a google search for "Thrift Stores Nearby" I got a result for a little place called "Treasures".Hmm... false advertising? Better go investigate! It wasn't close to my house but it was too fa...

Find classic pieces, retro treasures and great deals at the best vintage clothes shops in NYC

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Buying used kids clothes is a SMART way to use your resources. Get more clothes, get better clothes and be less frustrated when stuff gets ruined by kids being kids. Worried you don't have a good thrift store nearby? Have I got a deal for you!

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Vintage tree toppers in pink - all found in the thrift store nearby

Someone just posted this on my facebook page and I thought I would share. Those of you with a thrift store nearby that sells children's clothes should have so much fun with this idea!

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