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from Wellness Momma

Strep Throat? Oh No!

Strep Throat? Summer cold? Virus got you down? check out my blog post and how we use Essential oils to help our family. YL #1567278

from The Coconut Mama

Honey and Lemon Cough Syrup with Coconut Oil

I added all the ingredients into a bowl, microwaved for only 10 - 15 seconds, stirred and microwaved again. Added to a blender to emulsify all of the ingredients together, and took a tablespoon of this 4-5 times a day. I've also been giving it to my kids every morning to help with their immune systems and keep them healthy.

from Healdove

Epstein Barr Virus (EBV), Fibromyalgia (FMS) and Chronic Fatigue (CFS)

from My Fussy Eater

Honey Lemon Ginger Jar - Natural Cold & Flu Remedy

Determined to keep the bugs at bay, I made this homemade cold & flu remedy. It's so so easy to make and keeps in the fridge for months. Each morning I simply add a couple of teaspoons to some warm water. It also makes a lovely soothing drink if you are suffering with a sore throat.


Pinner said:I was desperate & willing to try anything!! Colloidal silver WORKS! It is the next germ-fighting wonder drug. It is effective against bacterial infections like strep throat, viruses like the flu, & fungal infections like Candida. No matter how much a germ mutates, it can't change enough to escape the damaging effects of colloidal silver. And in the process, the silver doesn't harm human tissue or kill off the good bacteria in the intestine the way antibiotics and other vaccines…


HOW TO MAKE COLLOIDAL SILVER AT HOME,Knowing an 8 oz bottle cost $35.99 and a 16 oz bottle cost $65.99 it's a very good idea to learn to make this Colloidal ...