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coltre: I feel so confused today, I’m walking alone in Rome after a big thunderstorm and there’s no one around and nothing makes sense

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TRU MY LiFE tOdAY IT RAInED AND I WAS HAPPY * smiles bc I love gloomy and still so popular at school *

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10 Tips for Capturing Lightning

10 Tips for Capturing Lightning - If you need photography tips to capture all those spectacular thunderstorms this summer, these 10 Tips for Capturing Lightning will help you do that. on

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Greek // Am I the only one who finds thunderstorms completely fascinating? ceraunophilia - loving thunder and lightening and finding them intensely beautiful

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Storm of a lifetime. Sister tornados under a massive supercell near Simla, Colorado #stormchasing

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I'm sick. I'll be going to school tomorrow, but I'm resting up today. UGH! So tired! All I want to do is watch movies all day long drinking soup.

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Thankful for those drops on the scorched ground today! And thankful for the peace and blessings it brings. #rainquotes#rain#love

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