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Thyroid Cancer Greeting Card

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Thyroid Cancer - I was not aware that there was already a ribbon... and that it was composed of my fav colors.

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Everything there is to know about thyroid cancer Thyroid Cancer Awareness - There is no good cancer Poster design, Mary Anne Pennington, 2014 Sources: UCSF Medical Center, Mayo Foundation for Medical Education and Research, University of Maryland Medical Center

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I'm actually thinking of getting this tattooed somewhere...any thoughts???? Visit to find resources for anyone living with cancer - patients, survivors and caregivers alike. Find valuable cancer support services, inspiring quotes and messages, financial assistance and aid, tips on navigating cancer and detailed cancer information.

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Everything there is to know about thyroid cancer I really dont think Ill ever get a tattoo. But this is beautiful for thyroid cancer awareness. Love the coloring

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Having your thyroid removed due to cancer or autoimmune disease demands a life long regime of medication. With this, there are side effects that prevent you from ever feeling like your normal self ever again: fatigue, depression, weight gain, mood swings, aches and pain, memory loss, hair loss, etc. Just because it's treatable doesn't mean you're cured!

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