Most doctors, including some endos, only do one test that is basically useless. Know what to ask for, and demand if necessary.

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Do you or someone you love have thyroid disease? Thyroid Disease is Epidemic. Many doctors rely on the TSH Thyroid Test to figure out if their patients are sick or not. But they might be totally wrong. Here's what you need to know about thyroid tests and what to do about this problem.

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A very helpful page out of Suzy Cohen's book "Thyroid Healthy", concerning thyroid testing. If you are dealing with hypothyroidism this is a great book to have and read.

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Could Thyroid Dysfunction be Causing Your Symptoms?Hypothyroidism is often overlooked or misdiagnosed and can be the underlying cause of these symptoms. #hypothyroid #thyroid

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How to interpret thyroid test results

Pinner Said: My doctor needs to see this.... Hello! Optimal thyroid levels for hypothyroid patients

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