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Although actually an enormous Tibetan mastif, Garm can shapeshift. Most of the time, when on Midgard, he travels, at Hella's side, in the form of a black chow. He has, however, been known to take on the form of a wolf. Somehow, though, we, here, at The Daily Loki, can always tell it's Garmi.


* * [Tibetan Mastiff: "DOG: If me beez soes expensive; whys can'ts me haz me rightful eyesight? Me kin barely seez thru dis fur."

5 This is a gorgeous dog but I would not want to be its pooper scooper for sure. One sold recently for 1.9 million in New York. He probably can afford to hire someone to clean after it.

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Mouse, the (Foo) Dog, in beast mode: Tibetan Mastiff. Fantasy casting Jim Butcher's "Dresden Files."