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Tibetan refugees

Spinning Wheels - Some old women in the Darjeeling Tibetan refugee centre, using spinning wheels to make thread from wool.

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Tibetan Brocade Shoulder Drawstring Mini Purse Bag - Orange. Beautiful Tibetan design brocade shoulder mini bag purse. Multi purpose use - purse, jewelry, mala, passport, travelling and many more. Very light - looks good!. Approximately size of the bag is 7x7 with shoulder strap upto 17 inches. Carefully handmade by Tibetan Refugees in Nepal.

Tibetan Chime of Compassion

Tibetan chime of compassion. Inscribed with one of the most significant mantras in Buddhism—Om mani padme hum—this handcrafted chime is created by Tibetan refugees residing in northern India. Buddhists believe that saying this mantra, or even viewing it in its written form, invokes the blessings of the Buddha of Compassion

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“Diaspora Smile” is a part of an ongoing photographic project that captures the joy of elderly Tibetan refugees who lived in exile for more than fifty years. I regularly took their portraits on the night after they have received private blessing from His Holiness Dalai Lama.

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Tibetian lady spinning - At the Tibetan refugee center in Darjeeling. Most of the residents there are older now, not many younger ones willing to stay and learn the old crafts

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Tibetan Blue Sky Earrings

Tibetan Blue Sky Earrings | National Geographic Store, Nomadic Himalayan tribes wore their wealth in the form of jewelry—often turquoise, called gyu in Tibetan—that could be easily carried and exchanged. So highly regarded is turquoise in Tibetan culture that the blue of the sky is referred to as ''the turquoise of heaven.'' Using faux versions of turquoise and amber, Tibetan refugees living in India create this substantial and bold jewelry in a Mongolian-influenced but modern style.

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Gorgeous Boho Tribal Handmade Wallet

Gorgeous Boho Tribal Handmade Wallet Made in India by Tibetan refugees. Good condition. Some loose threads. Bags Wallets