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Tibetan Monk Sand Mandalas. Sweeping away the Mandela is an integral part of the process, bringing to the mind the impermanence of life.

from The Huffington Post

Tibetan Monks Create Wildly Intricate Sand Painting In Meditative Masterpiece

Tibetan Sand Mandala – All life is impermanent The mandala is a circular representation of the cosmos. Carl Jung called it a symbol representing the effort to reunify the self. Most famous are the Tibetan sand mandalas, painstakingly created out of coloured sand, sometimes by hundreds of monks, to be immediately swept away after completion.

from Third Monk

Tibetan Sand Mandalas: Healing Through Sacred Art (Photo Gallery, Video)

harvestheart: “ Tibetan Sand Mandala The mandala is a profound, universal symbol that translates literally to “center and its surroundings” and is a physical representation of our interdependence, or...

7 I often have turned to Buddhist philosophy for guidense. It's a common sense guide to being a good person & improvement of the self.


Monks finishing sand mandala, Tibet. Tibetan sand mandalas are carefully, lovingly created by hand and then destroyed to show the impermanence of all things.