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Great photo!!! Did you ever think something This Small could change your life forever? Seems almost impossible doesn't it. List of Bartonella symptoms. My life has never been the same since....:(

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How to Prevent Lyme Disease after a Tick Bite

This is one natural remedy that you need for a tick bite to help prevent all tick borne diseases including Lyme and Rocky Mountain Spotted fever. Works for people and animals. I always take this with me when I go camping just in case.

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❇Téa Tosh❇ Buccellati

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The Rocky Mountain wood tick is a primary vector of Rocky Mountain spotted fever, a severe infectious disease with a mortality rate of more than 20 percent.

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Create an invisible fly free barrier around your horse with Fly Armor™ Repellent Xtra-Strength Noseband. Repels biting flies, mosquitoes, fleas and ticks for up to 4 weeks.

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