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Timberwolves Trade Rumors

... In real life, the ‘Firepower stat’ of the S.H.I.E.L.D Helicarrier vastly outranges that of U.N.I.T.’s Valiant. I would like to see this mistake corrected....


Africans did NOT sell their own people into slavery. My country Ghana was a major Slave Trading Post. I was shocked to read so many people believe Africans sold their own brothers and sisters into slavery. There were 2 types of slave trading in Africa. Arab traders Trans-Saharan and Europeans Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade. Criminals condemned to death in various societies for being "Un-African" helped "white strangers" get slaves as servants. Whites turned the criminals into monsters with…


Awww love Alaric so much!!! I wish he could have stayed Damon, Elena & Jeremy really need him! Love Damon's expression in this scene when he realizes he finally has the girl :")


NBA Trade Rumors: LA Lakers Acquiring Nerlens Noel For Nick Young -

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3 Logging - rigging men and timber fallers "Killin Fatties" young Ben Bazinet's explanation for this photo..Of P.O.W. Island, on Wrangell Narrows for Timber Wolf and Columbia Heli..2014.