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Distance-Time Graphs Graphic Organizer

This graphic organizer is a great way for students to organize their notes over distance-time graphs. You can modify to have students plot an actual set of data points or fill in the graph and have them analyze the information. Great tool for introducing or reviewing the topic of motion!


The musical system known as the Circle of fifths form specific geometries. All matter is a vibration in the structure of space-time and the study of the structure of space is called geometry, therefore music and matter itself is geometry in motion.


What is a scalar? A scalar is a quantity that is fully described by a magnitude only. It is described by just a single number. Some examples of scalar quantities include speed, volume, mass, temperature, power, energy, and time. What is a vector? A vector is a quantity that has both a magnitude and a direction. Vector quantities are important in the study of motion. Some examples of vector quantities include force, velocity, acceleration, displacement, and momentum.

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Worksheet: Graphing, Distance, and Displacement w/ The Running Wolf

This worksheet uses a Running Wolf to help students to visualize its movements as it hunts. Students will calculate the wolf's speed as it runs, and then put those calculations into a data table, Students can then graph the wolf's motion on a distance-time graph and a speed-time graph. 6-9 4 pgs. $


One of the most simple yet effective kicking techniques - The Roundhouse Kick. Its mostly a circular technique generating force from the ground upwards using different planes of motion in unison to generate full force with grace. Martial Arts teaches you functions and connections within your body like nothing else. The ability to dissociate certain parts with others but simultaneously to integrate other parts in tandem. Think mostly though what this does to the mind. It forces it to…

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These force and motion experiments are the perfect way to bring exploration and inquiry into your classroom. Your braniacs will love the simple, but intriguing science experiments. The materials list is simple and affordable, and the ideas go right along with the Next Generation Science Standards. (NGSS) Follow my store to keep up with the latest products!