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Day to Night, Wonderful Time-Lapse Photo Collages of New York City

Love this picture! "Day to Night Time-Lapse Photo Collages of New York City"

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Neat Article and Video // GetawayMoments: How did I get that #GoPro Flying Time Lapse?

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The Ultimate Guide For Day-to-Night Timelapse Photography

How to Shoot Day to Night Time-lapses. As many people have proclaimed, day to night or night to day time-lapses are the ‘holy grail’ of time...

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This week I have featured some articles related to growing plants and seed germination. We looked at how to grow beans in a clear plastic cup so students can seen them germinate. A second demonstration showed how even when the cup is turned, the roots continue to grow down. This bean germination video would be a perfect accompaniment to these demonstrations. It is is a beautiful example of the wonder of science.

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A Quick Guide to making GoPro Time Lapses. Like & Repin. Noelito Flow. Noel songs. follow my links

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15 Time-Lapse GIFs That Will Change The Way You See The World

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A time exposure of flowers dying in a vase.

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