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5 Things You Should Know About Personal Finance


TEKS (2) The student demonstrates management of financial resources to meet the goals of individuals and families across the life span. The student is expected to(C) connect mathematics to the understanding of interest, including avoiding and eliminating credit card debt(D) collect evidence and data related to implementing a savings program, the time value of money, and retirement planning - This website contains multiple lesson plans provided by the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta.


Thanksgiving MathTask Cards Freebie--second grade math center--place value, addition and subtraction with regrouping, expanded form, telling time, counting money, and word problems--FREE math center for 2nd grade

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‘How Much Does That Cost?’: How to Teach Kids the Time Value of Money

I've got a surprise... I UPDATED my Money Interactive Notebook! You can now get 12 different activities which include some of the following skills: coin identification, coin value, heads and tails, equivalent to $1.00, story problems, "hairy" and "tap" money, adding a variety of coin combinations, and MORE!


MAKE THE DATE: This is from our old calendar board. I just added a strip of velcro onto it so that we can display the date in coins. For example, on the photo to the left it is April 28th. So, there is 28 cents displayed on the board. Notice the extra coins hanging on a strip of velcro on the side. FYI, there are velcro dots on the back of the coins so that the kids can practice with real money.

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Halloween Math Task Cards

Halloween Math Task Cards - A great set of math task cards to use during October. #tpt #math #task cards