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Cochin Jews -They are the oldest group of Jews in India, with possible roots claimed to date to the time of King Solomon. The Cochin Jews settled in the Kingdom of Cochin in South India,now part of the state of Kerala. As early as the 12th century, mention is made of the Black Jews in southern India. The Jewish traveler, Benjamin of Tudela, speaking of Kollam (Quilon) on the Malabar Coast, writes in his Itinerary: "...throughout the island, including all the towns thereof, live several…

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14 legendary lost cities

Vijayanagara translates as "City of Victory," and was the prosperous capital of the largest and most powerful kingdom of its time in all of India. The city thrived at the heart of the Hindu world until it was sacked and razed by an invading Muslim army in 1565. It has not been occupied since. The ruins are listed as a World Heritage Site.


THE MYSTERIOUS LAST VAULT DOOR AT PADMANABHASWAMY TEMPLE..."a Secret Door in this Temple is holding secret knowledge & more Treasure Troves....the only snag is, it has been locked by sound waves from a secret chant lost in time!!" (The Temple's earlier Hidden Treasure Trove, now undergoing inventory by Supreme Court appointed Panel has been estimated to be around $ 22 Bln!)


WW1. Indian soldiers arrived in France without adequate winter clothing. In the cold and soggy trenches of the Western Front, they suffered miserably, yet they managed to hold the line. © The Times of India


Established in 1600, the East India Company was one of Britain's most prominent imperialistic entities in Asia


Island Cottage, The Maldives Islands off the coast of India - Explore the World with Travel Nerd Nici, one Country at a Time.


Gateway of India, Bombay - Explore the World, one Country at a Time.