These tiny rooms make designing a college bedroom or studio apartment seem too easy to be true.

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#7. Install a corner shelf where there is no room for a nightstand! | 29 Sneaky Tips For Small Space Living

I. Love. This. Bedroom. Even though it's teeny-tiny and appears to fit nothing but a bed, I love it! The side tables are amazing.

Dreamy small bedroom with white curtains and wooden accents.

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Love the idea of a day bed in a small room that's also an office!

DIY Side Table Light - an easy way to mount hide cords from light a wall light, I like this because theres not room for me to pile a billion things on it, which I ALWAYS do.

Tiny bedroom idea, make door way huge-- Greg I love this idea for Sofia's room!?

A shelf mounted above the bed adds extra storage, and lights underneath free up nightstand real estate. If you're a fan of reading in bed, make sure that the shelf is mounted above the height of your head when you're sitting up.

Outbuilding with bed for guests. This company specializes in designing and constructing handcrafted outbuildings for a surprising number of uses. If the customer wants them, electricity, gas, solar power, plumbing and sewage connections can be incorporated. Visit their website for some novel and refreshing ideas.

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would be nice above the bed if I don't put it against the window

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.See, this all the room Kaitie really needs, you just need a two bedroom w/ a closet...

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5 Easy Ways To Make Your Bedroom A Magical Hideaway -- Even if your room is tiny and dark, it doesn’t have to be depressing! You don’t need to be living in a light-soaked loft to love your bedroom, I promise.

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Built in storage for a tiny bedroom under the eaves.

Use every corner of space. | 23 Hacks For Your Tiny Bedroom